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Buy Concert Tickets Without Fees With a Rewards Program

Buy Concert Tickets Without Fees With a Rewards Program

concert tickets without fees

If you’re a concert-goer who tried purchasing tickets to a concert without paying fees, but hasn’t been successful then there are some alternatives you have. Another option is to buy concert tickets with the rewards program. This program offers discounts and additional benefits when you purchase tickets via them. With no additional costs, you can also decrease the cost of your tickets. We’ve reviewed the rewards programs to Tippick as well as Vivid Seats in this piece.


If you’re searching for bargain concert tickets, you should look into Tippick! Tippick is a brand new ticket marketer that lets you to buy concert tickets at absolutely no cost. The tickets are available with the same cost like competitors, yet they guarantee no hidden fees and have the lowest price possible. Go to Tippick for yourself today! The best site to buy cheap concert tickets no matter which genre of music you love! Before purchasing tickets, make sure to check for the Tippick ticket warranty!

Tickets sites that say they have free fees could be deceiving. Most of them do not even charge fees in fact, they’re just trying to lure you into by offering a cheaper price. They’ll try to convince you that tickets are worth more than their worth. Websites like Tickpick won’t make any money and can generate huge advertising costs. Be sure to check out Tippick tickets for concerts before you purchase items from the website.

Vivid Seats

If you’re in the market for tickets for a concert, most likely you’ve heard about Vivid Seats. An extremely popular selling and buying platform, Vivid charges fees of up to 20%. What is worth the cost? This is a great choice if you’re working on the funds to cover your expenses but don’t want to sacrifice quality services. Additionally, it’s simple for friends to be referred to Vivid. The Referral program makes organizing the event easy. The friends you refer to Vivid in your account centre and apply the referrals to purchase credits.

For cancellations or delay, Vivid Seats customers can make requests for refunds by email. If the event has been cancelled, the customer service representatives are able to offer refunds. The customer support center at Vivid Seats is accessible at 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. ET all seven days of the week. It’s just that this company has an unsatisfactory track record with regards to refunds. Vivid Seats has been sued by customers as part of one of the class action lawsuits. They allege that Vivid Seats refused to issue refunds on tickets bought in the case of a postponement and they even told them lies.

Vivid Seats also offers a alternative for mobile ticketing. When you buy a ticket you’ll get a notification email and instructions for presenting it to the security guard at the front of the event. Mobile apps are only available for iOs and Android gadgets. It is also completely secure and protected by a buyer’s assurance. It helps buyers have confidence when buying concert tickets.

Though Vivid Seats isn’t tickets that are the least expensive However, they do have a rewards program which rewards those who purchase more tickets. The program gives you 8% off tickets if you’re a Hall of Famer! Plus, your credit doesn’t expire – it lasts for one year! Vivid Seats provides an application that’s easy to use and live chat for any concerns.

Tickets purchased online for concerts, choosing your seat is crucial. VividSeats permits you to effortlessly sell or purchase tickets. VividSeats provides tickets that are delivered electronically to your phone. You will need an account with a credit or debit card in order to buy concert tickets. You must enter the name of the event, the venue and specific payment details. In a matter of days after your purchase, you will be able to receive your tickets.


If you purchase tickets for a concert via TicketFast and you receive the PDF-file which contains a barcode and the event’s address. The file can be printed anytime you like and show at the concert in order to be scanned. Tickets can be bought in multiple copies and printed as often as you need. The possibility of printing multiple copies is available by purchasing the ticket. TicketFast is an excellent service that you’ll surely love.

TicketFast is the best in terms of convenience. Tickets will be delivered through email instead of traditional ticket sales. They can also be printed whenever you like. Also, you could cut down as much as 15-20% per ticket using the service. However, Ticketmaster charges will apply when you purchase concert tickets via their website.

If you purchase concert tickets online, you might find a reasonably priced ticket on the website, choose your seats and pick an option for delivery, and then find yourself slapped with massive fees at the checkout procedure. Many people simply do not give these costs any thought. There are other options that could avoid paying these costs. Tickets for performances on TicketFast and not pay additional cost reliable ticket websites.

Another option is printing the tickets yourself at the home. They can be printed on standard computer paper If you want to print them out. You may also print a copy of the ticket in the PDF document that has been emailed to you and deliver it into the Scottrade Center Box Office to pick them up. To save printing costs, TicketFast sends the tickets in PDF format to your email address. Tickets come with a unique barcode that will be scanned in the turntile at entry.

You may also buy tickets online from secondary sellers. Many consumers find the ticket prices on TicketFast are less than at other places. Second-party sellers who are verified receive a percentage of the fees for service. This is used to fund tech and customer service. If you opt to purchase tickets through Vivid Seats, you’ll need to pay a shipping charge. This is a more convenient alternative than TicketFast.

Rewards program with TicketFast

It is the TicketFast rewards program was designed to provide customers with the most desirable seats for the lowest price. In exchange for the service, TicketFast will send you an e-mail confirmation of your tickets. It is required to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to print your tickets. If you’d like to you print, you are able to print as many tickets you like. You can print the number of tickets you want!

The cancellation policy of TicketFast is very strict. In the event of a cancellation, the refund will be fully paid, less the cost of delivery. If the event is delayed or cancelled then there will be no refund. The price of the ticket that was originally purchased may be higher or lower than the price of the replacement. If you choose to cancel your purchase, the seller will contact you to get a new ticket.

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