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BUSD vs USDT vs USDC: What Is The Difference?

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Both coins have an equivalent to the US dollar, with notable differences. If you compare BUSD vs USDT, then you have to consider their set of features. Perhaps one of the coins would be suitable for investing and the other one for making payments.


  • The prices of stablecoins remain constant, unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
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  • This process ensures that the value of BUSD remains stable, as it is always backed by an equivalent amount of US dollars.
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  • It is backed with a collection of cash, treasury bills, fiduciary deposits and a handful of other financial instruments.
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  • BUSD is fully collateralized and subject to regular audits by third-party firms, while USDT is partially collateralized and not subject to regular audits.
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  • Binance USD was created in 2019 as a collaboration with Binance and Paxos.
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  • These contracts require compliance with certain rules and conditions.

BUSD is a stablecoin developed by Paxos in partnership with Binance. After a few minutes, you will receive your newly purchased cryptocurrency in your wallet. Next, select the amount you are going to spend to buy the coin in the “You spend” column. The service will automatically calculate the number of Bitcoins you will receive in exchange for this amount. Security problems caused by the events of November 20, 2017 — the day when Tether’s system was hacked.

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Nonetheless, Tether still maintains its dominance in the stablecoin market. This is because it has the advantage of being first in the market and also its widespread use across platforms, making it easy for users to adopt it. Other than trading with stablecoins, you can also earn interest with your stablecoins on various staking platforms.

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As of right now, stablecoins are pegged to other currencies in two main ways. So what is USDT or Tether and what place does it hold in the crypto world? Tether or USDT is a crypto stablecoin that is connected with Bitfinex and Tether Limited that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Buyers are guaranteed that the assets will be valued in national currencies .

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In fact, a majority of all trades on the Bitcoin network are done through USDT. Since these stablecoins are linked to a fiat currency, there’s no need to worry about extreme transaction fees. The cost to transfer USDT and BUSD is minimal, especially when compared with other cryptocurrencies that are often expensive to manage.


USDT compare


At the end of April of the same year, they reported that only 74% of the cryptocurrency is backed by fiat money . Furthermore, some have claimed that Tether is used to manipulate the price of Bitcoin. Despite these controversies, USDT remains one of the most popular stablecoins and is widely used on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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