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6 Ways Statistics Analysis Can Grow Your Affiliate Business

The US affiliate marketing industry will expand further once pressing challenges are addressed. More than 80% of brands have begun building their networks of affiliates. The problem with pay-per-call affiliate marketing is it can be costly, especially when a conversion isn’t a prerequisite for compensation.

How to analyze affiliate statistics

Data comprises variables which are univariate or multivariate, and extremely relying on the number of variables, the experts execute several statistical techniques. 64.) The speed with which a website loads has a significant impact on the revenues. 61.) Smartphones alone drive 50% of the traffic to the Awin marketplace. Over 72% of smartphone users use voice assistants every day. Nearly 40 million people have a smart speaker at home in the United States alone.

Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis

Meanwhile, Pabbly, LeadPages, ConvertKit, and Kajabi all offer a 30% recurring commission with a cookie window of 30 days. According to affiliate marketing fraud statistics for 2020, it was estimated that affiliate marketing fraud would cost advertisers $1.4 billion. The Rakuten universe consists of 150,000 merchants and affiliate marketers. Not so stellar web traffic, unimpressive click-through rates, low conversions, negligible order sizes, and small commissions are some of the variables that could hurt your earnings. Since Stone doesn’t post anything other than social media affiliate marketing deals, he’s been able to amass astounding wealth without needing to produce and sell his own merchandise. The industry may be warming up to AI, voice, and other technologies to induce consumer engagement.

On the other hand, possibly the publisher websites bring you new traffic and arguably incremental sales. Think of discount sites such as, or Using that model in this case, you would have to treat the direct channel as the winner and ignore all previous sessions.

Stone is a good example of the power of affiliate marketing programs combined with the influence of modern-day internet stars. A single person can make a fortune by leveraging their online presence. But even micro-influencers have the potential to be great affiliate marketers. They might have access to a very niche audience, making them an extremely effective marketing channel. Generally, under statistical data analysis, some form of statistical analysis tools are practised that a layman can’t do without having statistical knowledge.

For example, mean, median, standard deviation and variance. If the data has a singular variable then univariate statistical data analysis can be conducted including t-test for significance, z test, f test, ANOVA test- one way, etc. 63.) PayPal is used by 19.16% of marketers as their primary payment channel, followed by BTC , which is used by 69% of the affiliates’ population.

The Most Important Excel Formulas You Need to Know to Analyze Data

The channels involved included Google Ads, comparison sites, social media, etc. You also have one sales budget for all your marketing channels. Allocating it requires a certain strategy to ensure you improve your revenue in the long run. To add more weight to the problem, when affiliate marketing comes into play, measuring multi-channel attribution gets even trickier. You need to know which publisher actually closes the transaction or is responsible for the first contact that initiated the entire clickstream. Parametric tests make powerful inferences about the population based on sample data.

With a host of powerful features, AffiliateWP allows you to do exactly that, giving you the best chance of maximizing your affiliate revenue. Whether you build your website on WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, or another platform, they tend not to offer built-in referral tracking capabilities. Don’t worry though, there are a host of plugins that enable you to get your affiliate program set up in no time at all. The easiest way to start an affiliate marketing program is with third-party software. You can join the big affiliate networks and instantly get access to thousands of affiliates, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you see sales.

Just as you compete with other brands for buyers, you compete with other merchants for affiliates. It is important to come up with a unique, attractive offer. You also need to clearly regulate affiliates’ use and promotion of your brand.

As previously mentioned, Pivot tables will allow you to easily analyze this data. They want to find what they could do with the data to find the campaign’s best-converting segments. It represented the traffic an affiliate had sent to an offer. You’ve checked all these amazing Excel tricks and awesome examples. Let’s say you’ve got a URL report and that you’d like to analyze the performance per unique URL.

Users trust influencers, who in turn use affiliate online marketing to make money from their audience. 49% of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on recommendations from social media influencers. While how much different affiliate marketers make can vary greatly, many of them rely solely on this activity to survive.

Affiliate marketing conversion rate averages between 0.5% to 1%.

Who would like to leverage various KPI calculations when analyzing the success of their affiliate marketing campaigns. Based on these criteria, your ideal candidates as a green marketer are ecommerce platforms with in-house affiliate programs. One of the more recent publicized affiliate marketing fraud cases involved Ads Inc.

Another 69.22% utilize SEO, while 67.32% use social networking sites. 67.32% of affiliate marketers use social media to connect with customers. Most affiliate commissions will be percentage commissions, which is the most common way to get paid in affiliate programs. If you only sell a few specific products, consider a fixed-amount commission.

  • The idea of affiliate marketing has been around for decades, so content creators are familiar with how it works and how viable it can be.
  • Automation tools will continue to enhance the effectiveness of various marketing processes, including affiliate marketing.
  • This course is part of the Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships certification course, which you can complete for Certification in Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships.
  • 38% of marketers think affiliate marketing is a top acquisition channel.
  • Global affiliate marketing statistics reveal that publishers, in general, are not keen on spending their dollars on pay-per-click advertising.

Affiliate marketing offers lots of opportunities, but it also requires a good marketing strategy. Somewhere in the middle, you can find influencers that also aid the transactions, but still not as significantly as the other two actors. This is where an advertiser and their agency should decide together what to do with these insights. We’ll talk about some key technical challenges that the Piwik PRO and Booming teams dealt with. All told, you need more data to discover what happens between the first and last click.

– Helps to Create Realistic Business Goals

Any pertinent merchant who offers anything less is being greedy and is less likely to succeed. Chances are that brands that sell similar digital goods would be willing to split the revenue with publishers at the very least. Self-respecting affiliate marketers won’t gravitate to cheap merchants when there are more generous deals. Basically, it’s referral marketing on steroids, using on-site or email-based native advertising to drive meaningful consumer action at a larger scale. Some may view this form of network marketing as indirect social media marketing when talking about certain distribution mediums.

How to analyze affiliate statistics

Samsung, Samsung tablets and Lenovo are the sources of the bad performance. It means that – with an eCPA of 0.53€ for Android – you’re losing money. Even so, it’s frequent that there actually is a correlation between both. Choose a campaign and analyze all the parameters thoroughly. Just match the campaign’s revenues and the campaign’s costs per day.

Online Affiliate Marketing Managers can earn an average of about $58,000 annually from affiliate marketing

After collecting data from your sample, you can organize and summarize the data using descriptive statistics. Then, you can use inferential statistics to formally test hypotheses and make estimates about the population. If you would like to know more about how to use these tools and others to improve your affiliate program please reach out to one of our analytics experts with your questions. The top 30 affiliate marketing statistics every marketer must know.

Affiliate Marketing Revenue Statistics at a Glance

Affiliate marketing is the top customer acquisition channel for 40% of US merchants. Once you have these answers, you can expect to increase your profitability because you spend your money on channels that have higher return or lower cost. With access to raw data, in both Piwik PRO Analytics and CDP you find a unique visitorID with all sessions tied to it along with all clicks on the path to a conversion. Keep in mind that verifying if an affiliate led to the final deal is one thing.

Keeping a close eye on both your network data and web analytics will make sure things won’t be overlooked. 83% of affiliate marketers raise brand awareness through affiliate marketing. 64.48% of affiliate marketers generate the most traffic analyzing affiliate statistics from quality blog content. Being an affiliate marketer is an ideal career many would love to have. Unlike regular jobs that usually pay by the hour, affiliate marketing keeps the cash flow running even when the affiliate is asleep.

If you’re using WordPress, then the best option is AffiliateWP. It’s designed especially for WordPress, so it allows you to sync your products in minutes, and get started with growing your program. With a WordPress plugin like AffiliateWP, you can create an affiliate program in just a few minutes .

First, decide whether your research will use a descriptive, correlational, or experimental design. Experiments directly influence variables, whereas descriptive and correlational studies only measure variables. We hope that we were able to completely clarify the potential of data analytics for businesses. In fact, analytics can have even more opportunities for business development. The growth potential of data-driven businesses should never be underestimated.

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